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Registration Open for NIELIT O Level Session Exam 2020

Career Opportunities

        ►   Junior Programmer

        ►   EDP Assistant

        ►   Web Designer

        ►  Lab Demonstrator

        ►   Various subjects for the programme are:-

Qualification 10 + 2

Govrnment IT Recognised IT Qualification


        ►   M1-R4 IT Tools and Business System

        ►  M2-R4 Internet Technology and Web Design

        ►  M3-R4 Programming and Problem Solving through ‘C’

Elective (one module out of the following three modules to be chosen)

        ►  M4.1-R4 Application of .Net Technology

        ►  M4.2-R4 Introduction to Multimedia

        ►  M4.3-R4 Introduction to ICT Resources

        ►   PR Practical (Based on M1, M2, M3, M4 module syllabus)


10+2 or ITI Certificate course (one year).


The students are required to devote half of the working hours allotted to each module for practical sessions. Practical assignments are worked out for each theory module. The practical examination is based on the syllabi of M1-R4, M2-R4, M3-R4 and M4-R4 modules.


The project provides students an additional hands-on experience in solving a real life problem by applying knowledge and skills gained on completion of theory papers in a course at a given level. For the ‘O’ Level Computer Course, marks are not specifically assigned for the project assignment. However, it is compulsory to submit a project report to complete the course.

Validity of Registration

For completing the ‘O’ Level course, candidates are allowed to appear for a maximum number of ten consecutive examinations, starting from the examination the candidate is eligible to take, as indicated in the letter of allotment of registration number to the candidate.

Short Term Courses

        ►   CCC   (Course on Computer Concepts)   ►  80 Hrs

        ►   BCC   (Basic Computer Course)   ►  36 Hrs

        ►   CCC+   (Plus - Course on Computer Concepts)   ►   120 Hrs Plus

        ►   ECC   (Expert Computer Course)   ►  200 Hrs

        ►   ACC   (Awareness in Computer Concepts)  ►   20 Hrs

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